Going Green Isn't Always Good For The Environment

Controlling algae, fungi, and bacteria can be challenging, especially as input prices continually impact American agriculture from top to bottom.


We have a revolutionary copper solution to combat soaring input costs

Whether you need a little or a lot, we have the capacity to deliver innovation products for your customers.

And it’s manufactured right here in the U.S.


Safe and Compatible

Highly compatible with other nutrients and lower risk of phytotoxicity than other coppers. Allowing growers to add these products to their irrigation schedules without impacting solubility, or clogging lines which results in operational efficiency for you and them.



With an easy-to-mix, clear solution which is ready-to-use with all* formulations, the copper technology products from Component can be easily added to your company’s product portfolio.



Traditional copper hydroxide leads to high levels of fixed copper in the soil and results in resistant diseases becoming more rampant, more quickly. High impact, low copper loading is proven to be better for the environment and more efficient for farms than the traditional copper hydroxide.

Our products in the field


Algaecide & Bactericide for treatment and prevention of filamentous, free flowing algae, iron bacteria, and sulfur bacteria in open and drip irrigation ponds, canals, and drip tape.


Fungicide & Bactericide for treatment of fire blight on apples, Cercospera on sugar beets, and other diseases on a wide range of crops.


Algicide/Bactericide/Fungicide for use on listed row crops, citrus and growing agricultural commodities.