Tom Ballinger

Midwest Business Development Manager

Why Component Ag?

After 38 years as an agronomist in the crop inputs industry, it is exciting to be involved in a unique and novel chemistry to the crop nutrition market. Component Ag is a refreshingly transparent and customer adaptive business strategy which is to provide the formulas and our novel nutrient solubilizing products to customers as their brands whether via direct manufacture or tolled to their specific needs. The fact that our technology is being launched at a time when inflated costs, availability and serious supply chain issues in the plant food industry are at an all-time high, makes being part of the Component Ag team especially rewarding.

“Made in the USA,” “Helping Feed the World” and “Good for the American Farmer” are all too often overused clichés, but in a market fraught with leveraging, manipulation, and global anti-American sentiment, it feels good to be delivering 100% made in the USA products: No Ships – No Ports – Nothing Overseas – just plain good for American Agriculture…that is good for everyone!